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Biggart Fountain

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27 Mar. 2020

Published in public domain under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International license

The Biggart Water Fountain was gifted to the residents of Dalry in 1876 by local mill owner Thomas Biggart, of the town's Baidland Hill. The fountain was originally located at the Cross in front of Trinity Church and would have been a welcome sight to residents and travellers, who could water and rest their horses and mix with the locals. Here, the fountain was fed by a free-flowing well. Thomas Biggart's Brigend Mill was a large employer of women in the local area and his spinning wheels produced cotton and wool. This was a period of relative prosperity in Dalry and it was during this time that many of the town's civic buildings and larger residencies were built. The Biggart Fountain has moved a number of times over the years, first to Courthill Street, then back to the Cross (but on the other side at St Margaret's Church) where it remained until 2010 when it was moved to its current location (Townend Street) as part of a Town Centre Regeneration Project.
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