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Working Voices: Women's Experiences at Ardeer

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12 Aug. 2021

Published under copyright - Story from Lettie Mclaughlin. Photograph from North Ayrshire Heritage Centre

Lettie Mclaughlin shares her story: "My mother in law Alice Anderson worked in the Dets in the ICI as a young woman in the 1940’s, although passed away, she told us of the story that one day the girl sitting next to her asked to swap seats as a new girl had started that she knew. Unfortunately, there was an explosion and the young woman who sat next to my mother in law and had asked her to change seats was seriously injured. My mother in law had a very lucky escape. Many years later in her 80s she had problems with her once and a mark appeared on the outside of her nose. When finally she went to get it removed, it was a bit of shrapnel, which was embedded in her nose all this years and had finally came to the surface. Still a reminder of how lucky she was on that day to move seats."

Stevenston & Ardeer
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