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River of Stories

A 360° journey

Come with us now on a journey into the past, as we pluck tales like droplets from the swirling waters of the Garnock. Don’t be afraid, let go and slip deep into the river of time...

Using 360° technology to transport you across time and space, River of Stories allows you to step inside 5 magical and mysterious stories from the lands surrounding the River Garnock:

  • St Winning & the River Curse
  • The Maid & the Missing Silverware
  • Ringan Semple, the Warlock of Peel Island
  • The Deil’s hoofprint at Ardrossan Castle
  • Cleeves Coves: The Great Court of the Elfhame

River of Stories was developed through collaboration and consultation with local people across the Muirshiel Hills, Lochwinnoch, the Garnock Valley, Three Towns, Kilwinning & Irvine.

Visuals & Sound Design by Danny Grant
Produced by icecream architecture for Garnock Connections
Music by Luciano Rossi
Narrated by Sita Iona Pieraccini

Special thanks to:
Calum Muir, Sean Bruijstens, Neil Fergusson, Sophie Gardiner, The Ardrossan Castle Heritage Society, Louise Turner from Rathmell Archaeology and all those who have supported the project and took part in the VR consultation in 2020 and 2021.

River of Stories was made possible thanks to the generous support of the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the Nature Scot Green Infrastructure Fund. The film was produced as part of the Places That We Know community heritage interpretation project for Garnock Connections.

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